Advanced Reservoir Simulaton

Course deals with compositional modelling and more difficult black oil applications

Problem Set 1 – PVT description binary system

WinProp (adv_prob_set1_regress.dat)

Problem Set 2 – PVT description

WinProp (adv_prob_set2_good_base.dat)

Problem Set 3 – Dynamic Initialization

IMEX (adv_prob_set3_initial.dat)

Problem Set 4 – Condensate Blockage Around a Well

WinProp (adv_prob_set4_fluid_winprop.dat)
WinProp (adv_prob_set4_fluid_winprop_nc.dat)
GEM (adv_prob_set4_radial.dat)
GEM (adv_prob_set4_radial_nc.dat)
GEM (adv_prob_set4_frac.dat)
GEM (adv_prob_set4_frac_nc.dat)

Problem Set 5 – Miscible Flood

GEM (adv_prob_set5_start.dat)

Problem Set 6 – History Matching

IMEX (adv_prob_set6_base.dat)