Course materials include simulation data sets and sometimes exams. The files are provided “as is”. Note that the software providers sometimes change their keywords and some updating may be required. This is usually outlined in the documentation from the software vendor.

Practical Reservoir Simulation

The textbook Practical Reservoir Simulation (PennWell 2003) contains a number of problem sets at the end of the book in Chapter 20. The problem sets are downloadable for both CMG and Eclipse formats and are found on a dedicated page.

Advanced Reservoir Simulation

The Advanced Reservoir Simulation deals with compositional simulations. The problem sets are downloadable in CMG format on a dedicated page.

Thermal Reservoir Simulation For SAGD

Although the data sets are provided in the course on memory sticks when the course is presented, the files may be lost. The data sets for this course are available below in two formats, CMG STARS and Exotherm. The data sets are located on a separate dedicated page.

Economics 310 – SAIT

ARE prepared a practice exam for students taking the Economics 310 course, which they may optionally complete prior to sitting the final exam. Worked answers are provided in a pdf file. SAIT Practice Final Exam