Initiating a Project with ARE

ARE takes on projects both large and small. For example, the smallest project we completed cost under $200, in which a presentation was given of anticipated problems related to a waterflood. Our largest projects exceed $1,000,000 CDN, for large-complex studies over multiple years involving government hearings.

Discerning the Problem

Normally a company identifies an issue which needs to be resolved. One solution may involve the use of a consultant. There are many reasons that a consultant may be retained which can include:

  • the company does not have the expertise in-house
  • there are manpower restraints and a consultant provides additional manpower
  • an external or independent opinion is either wanted or needed

Whatever the reason, the first step is understanding the problem and this usually means a meeting or some kind of problem description. Normally there is no charge or obligation for an informal review, discussion or cost estimate of your needs.

Selecting Outside Help

In addition to understanding the problem, selection of a consultant is usually based on a compatible working style and the ability to solve the issue that needs to be resolved. Under this menu ARE has outlined how we go about solving issues and providing advice. A summary of similar projects is also provided.

Understanding the General Terms and Conditions

Most consulting work done by ARE is done on a time and materials basis. Billing is monthly with 30-day terms. In the event that payment is overdue by more than 45 days, ARE may discontinue work at ARE’s exclusive discretion. Hourly rates are set in accordance with guidelines that are provided by APEGA. Professional rates are not discounted – all clients have exactly the same priority. Most projects are done on a consulting basis in ARE’s offices. However, we have done a number of projects where we work in the client’s offices where circumstances require this.

Estimating the Costs

It is usually possible to estimate how much time the project will require and what it will cost. A written estimate is normally prepared before proceeding with the project. We have a good history of being on time and on budget.