Highlighted Projects

Certain projects stand out over the years. Some are a bit different or unusual, some are unusually difficult, and some are particularly successful or have a significant impact. A brief summary is outlined below:

Shallow Saskatchewan waterflood

ARE’s first project was for a bank. The project consisted of a couple of hours of review followed by a meeting. The total expenditure was for less than half a day’s work. ARE was able to explain to the financial group why a particular waterflood was not working as expected and never could. Some months later, the bank hired ARE to do a reservoir simulation study. Based on the recommendations of the study the waterflood was terminated in specific areas and economic primary production restored. The bank was able to sell both the property and operating company at this point in time.

Fully compositional model of a Brazeau pinnacle reef

This was a reservoir that was found near the critical point. It also contained a very high content of H2S. As a result, PVT description was very difficult and a great deal of QC had to be done to get an EOS model of the fluid. The field was too small for an economic EOR project and an application to produce the field had to be made to the ERCB. The results of the study were successful with the ERCB. A post analysis of the simulation indicates that the predicted performance was very close.

Split oil and gas titles

In this project a land deal had been made which separated oil and gas titles. Of course, oil production cannot be obtained without producing solution gas. Preparing an expert report takes a great deal of time and care. Eventually the client was able to explain what gas had been produced and the Courts affirmed the Bory’s legal precedent. The client was able to obtain costs for the preparation of the report and use the results for production optimization.

Gas Condensate Compositional Simulation For Condensate Blockage

Client had a new sour gas discovery near a proposed sour gas plant. A quick study was needed to determine what deliverability would be with condensate dropping out around the well. Using some assumed properties an EOS model was created to estimate the deliverability over the long term. For low levels of CVD dropout, the frac alleviates most condensate blocking. The client was able to make a nomination in the plant with confidence.

Chard – Leismer Gas Over Bitumen Hearing

Our client had purchased a potential SAGD project for a significant discount during one of the oil price crashes. The project was overlain by gas and an operator applied to put the gas on production. ARE provided expert technical services for the application and hearing. As a result, the gas was shut-in over the SAGD project area. The application was successful. Considerable material was presented on the effect of Geomechanics.

Black Gold Property development

Subsequent to the hearing, ARE conducted development of the property, which included drilling some 54 wells as an ERCB licensee. The property was subsequently sold to a major foreign operating company. The new owner has successfully licensed the property and it is now under construction.

SAGD cap rock modelling and condensation induced water hammer

ARE staff have spent considerable time modelling SAGD cap rock integrity. In particular, the failure at Joslyn leaves many unresolved questions and the prospect of significant catastrophic failures. ARE staff have prepared reports used in applications to the ERCB for shallow properties, that are similar in depth to Joslyn. Alternate failure mechanisms have been proposed based on condensation induced water hammer (CIWH). High pressures generated by collapsing steam in the wellbore may create pressure spikes that fracture the formation to surface. While this mechanism is controversial, a number of cross disciplinary studies using thermal hydraulics programs developed for the power industry suggest that this is a viable explanation. CIWH has resulted in a number of catastrophic failures in surface piping. This mechanism is not intuitive and has a history of being overlooked. ARE staff have made a number of industry presentations and prepared a number of papers on this mechanism.