Mission Statement

Applied Reservoir Enterprises provides top-quality reservoir consulting to the oil and gas industry. We aim to:

  • Examine solutions thoroughly within a broad scope of petroleum technology (i.e. integration)
  • Provide practical recommendations
  • Prepare reports that are clear, readable, and comprehensive


ARE has studied approaches in consulting that provide the most useful results to operating companies, gas marketers, and financial institutions. These observations are based on experience within operating companies, several international consulting firms, a major evaluations company, and over 17 years as an independent consultant. The mission statement reflects this experience.


ARE believes that the work be done at least as as thoroughly, if not more so, than the client would do himself. This thoroughness generates confidence in the analysis.


Clients need answers to their problems. ARE’s recommendations provide a clear course of action for our clients; in most cases this requires that “little bit extra” beyond a summary of technical results. The final report are designed to be in a format that can be used immediately.


The true value of work performed must include a “communication factor” and a “knowledge retention factor”. ARE uses:

  1. A formal presentation of results at the end of the project
  2. A clearly documented and readable report. Enough detail must be presented to enable the client to continue the project at a future date